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Keep your domain registered in your name, even if your payment fails.

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Buy a little peace of mind

With Domain Expiration Protection, your domain is guaranteed for a year, even if your card fails. If you use Domain Expiration Protection, your domain renews automatically.

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  • Protect your investment and your domain against failed payments.
  • Maintain your intellectual property regardless of fund holds or hacks.
  • Keep your domain even if your card is frozen due to suspicious activity.

The product that protects you and your brand

Enjoy the safeguards of Domain Expiration Protection, and get important updates about your registration.

SMS reminders

Get text updates on registration events, like upcoming renewals and your payment processing status.

Extended registration

With Domain Expiration Protection, your domain registration is extended for one year, giving you the time you need.

Business friendly

If you have a blog or branded website, Domain Expiration Protection can keep your domain ownership safe.

Add this product to your domain by logging into your existing account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many situations in which an auto renew failure happens such as an expired credit card, closed credit card, insufficient funds, credit maximum reached which can be caused by a hotel or car rental that puts a large “hold” on your card, payment method frozen due to suspicious activity, or PayPal account frozen or hacked. No matter the reason, Domain Expiration Protection is there to protect you.
  • If your domain name expires beyond the grace period, the name then goes back into the general marketplace where anyone can purchase it. If your domain is not set to auto renew and you do not have Domain Expiration Protection, it would be at risk to begin the 30-day grace period for renewal and all websites or products would be down until payment is received.
  • Domain Expiration Protection will protect your next domain renewal event and will extend your domain registration and ownership of the domain for one year.
  • Domain Expiration Protection works with .com, .org, .info, .net, .biz and .us domains. Unfortunately, Domain Expiration Protection is not available to premium domain names at this time.