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.com domains still lead the pack

As the most recognized and trusted domain extension, a .com instantly gives your website credibility. Search engines know this too, and that’s why a .com domain can boost your SEO value, as well as your visitor's perception of you.


Why choose a .com?

Without even realizing it, we tend to default to .com when discussing websites. After all, it is the world’s premier domain extension. In fact 100% of the Fortune 500 uses a .com, and that’s why when you want to get serious, you buy a .com domain.


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Frequently asked questions

There are many reasons to choose a .com domain, but that doesn’t mean .com domains are better than any of the other domain name extensions that are available. The .com domains were introduced as one of the original top-level domains (TLDs) in January 1985, and more than 150 million .com domains have been registered since their release. This popularity is one of the reasons many business owners feel a .com TLD is necessary- the extension can provide recognition and trust for their new websites and brands.

However, there are no technical advantages with .com domains. Google will not treat your TLD any more favorably than other TLDs, and you may even notice that your perfect domain has already been taken with a .com extension. Thankfully, offers hundreds of unique TLDs, from .app to .us to fit your needs.

This final part of your URL is called the top-level domain (TLD) or the domain name extension. It is among the highest levels within the hierarchal Domain Name System (DNS) after the root domain. There are over 1,500 TLDs available, and they can be loosely characterized by countries, categories, and multi-organizations. You can explore our list of TLDs today!

The .com TLD was one of the original TLDs that were introduced in 1985, alongside .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org and .int. Its name is derived from commercial, which speaks to its original purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations. Due to its intent and being one of the earliest domain extensions available, the .com TLD has enjoyed immense popularity. Today, the extension is nearly synonymous with the internet and is the go-to extension for millions of people around the world.

Not necessarily. Older domains that have a history of staying within Google’s guidelines may rank better, but this is due to Google’s preference for aged brands- not the TLD that were used. Google has directly stated that alternative TLDs do not directly affect a website’s rankings or performance, but your audience’s perception should still play a role in your final decision making. The .com TLD provides a sense of familiarity, professionalism, and trust for newer audiences that you find necessary. The Fortune 500 brands all maintain a .com website- create yours today!

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